Site Features

At Dayan we strive to improve your browsing experience so you can utilize our site to your best advantage


  • Navigate without images – In order to enjoy a fast browsing experience press the "Navigation without images" button. Especially useful for mobile users 
  • Navigate by Supplier/Product – (see instruction movie)Using the Menu you can choose : 
    • By Product: Browse by Product i.e.: Compressors, Line Products, Electrical etc…   
    • By Supplier: Navigate according to Supplier's products
  • Advanced Search – (see instruction movie) From top bar – Advanced search options for Products using various parameters: HP, Refrigerant etc… 
  • Request for Quote – (see instruction movie) From anywhere in the site you can add products to "Quote Request" form by pressing on "Add to Quote". When done just send us the request by Fax or Email and we will get back to you. 
  • Product Comparison – (see instruction movie) From the Product list you can choose up to 3 products to compare
  • Product List Sorting – (see instruction movie) From the Product list you can sort products by different parameters.

Training video navigation by business / product

Training movie Advanced search

Training movie- Request for Quotation

Training movie-Product Comparison

Training movie-Sort products

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